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Etsy: A Cowl and a Scarf

I just listed two more items in my Etsy shop and thought I'd share them here, in case you're shopping for your fall or winter wardrobe.

This cowl is almost identical to one that I made for myself and absolutely LOVE.

It is made from polyester yarns. The inside fuzzy part was knit, while the outside dangling part was crocheted.

This is a very full scarf/cowl that will make a wonderful statement piece for your wardrobe.

It measures approximately 82" around the inside, so there is plenty of room for any size woman. I am an XS and like it best triple-looped (as shown), but it would easily work for plus-sized gals just double-looped.

You can find it in my shop here:

This scarf is also made from polyester yarn. It measures approximately 80" long, but it isn't as full because I only used one type of yarn.

This would be perfect if you prefer your scarves to be slightly less full.

You can find this one in my shop here:

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Etsy: Hazelnut Mocha Cabled AG Sweater

I finished another doll sweater and it's live in the shop now.

This one features a cable design in the front and a foldover cowl neck.

There are cables running the length of the 3/4-length sleeves, too.

If you'd Iike to add this to your collection, you can find it in my shop here:

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Ice Blue AG Sweater in the Shop

I just added the first of several 18" doll sweaters to my Etsy shop. I love to knit these sweaters, and I hope they bring some little girls hours of pleasure.

This is an ice blue cabled sweater, perfect for those chilly nights of ice skating ahead.

It features a double cable design in the front and the back.

There is also a cable running the length of each arm.

If you'd like to add this sweater to your doll's (or daughter's) collection, you can find it in my shop here:

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Shop Update: Handknit Fall Dishcloth Sets for Sale

It's been a few years since I added anything to my Etsy shop. (I sold all of my vintage sheets when we moved from our previous home.)

Recently I've been bitten by the dishcloth knitting bug and decided to list some sets in my Etsy shop.

The first set is a basketweave design. Bonus: The design is reversible, so it looks good from any angle.

You can find this set in the shop here:

The second set is a textured design that is good for scrubbing dishes. It's also reversible, looking exactly the same on both sides.

You can find this set in the shop here:

Each set is $9 with shipping figured in. They would make an excellent Thanksgiving hostess gift, if you're planning to spend the holiday at someone else's home. Of course, you could just treat yourself to some new dishcloths, too!

If you're interested in different colors for your dishcloths, I'm happy to discuss special orders. You can send me a message on Etsy, if that interests you.

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Dining Room Focal Point

One of the things that came with the parsonage was an antique organ in the dining room. Since it needs to stay and is a lovely piece, I'm working it into my decor.

We found some grape-themed items at a yard sale that go well with the colors of the room and the overall look of the organ.

Here's a closer picture to make out more of the details:

It goes well with these grapes I got in a bag lot of greenery at a thrift store a few weeks ago:

This arrangement is on the pass-through between the kitchen and dining room.

I love the new decor, and the best thing is that we didn't even need to paint. (Well, that's the best thing according to my husband.) ;)

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Telling it like it is ...

I saw this saying on Pinterest and knew that I needed it for my craft area. I always feel the need to apologize about the "mess" (i.e. work-in-progress) in my craft area, so this will explain for me. (Really, only a non-crafter would expect a spotless craft area, right?)

Anyway, I had a blank canvas sitting around, so I made this myself with a little help from my computer, an overhead projector, and a paint pen. It was really easy!

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New Living Room Curtains

The curtains that were here when we moved in were very dated. They were also exactly the same throughout the house.

This isn't the living room window, but it was the same basic window treatment, just spanning a double window.

We are also working around someone else's furniture, which (in this case) is a couch from the 80's. Again, it wouldn't be my personal pick, but I'm working with it because it's cheaper than buying another couch and figuring out what to do with this one while we live here.

I said all that to say that I'm working on making do with the more expensive pieces that were here, while changing out less-expensive items (like curtains).

This is the couch I'm working with:

And this is a close-up of the print:

It's not stylish by any means, but it's comfortable and not falling apart. It's even a sleeper sofa, which will be nice if we have overnight guests (since we no longer have a dedicated guest room).

Honestly, brown is about as far from my favorite color as you can possibly get. So I'm playing up the other colors in the couch, hoping to balance that sea of dark brown with some blue.

Imagine my excitement to find these curtains at the thrift store for just $5!

They are the perfect color, and I adore this style (which may "date" me slightly). It brings welcome color relief to my living room, and I'm very grateful!

I have a few more things to do in the living room, but I'll try to remember to share pictures when I'm done.

I hope this helps someone else who is working with furniture that is less than your personal ideal. I'm a firm believer in being as happy as possible with one's current circumstances.

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