Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Spotlight: Simply Fun for Families

I've been reading Dave Ramsey and Debi Pearl this week, but I'm sure no one needs another rave review about The Total Money Makeover (which I do highly recommend), and I'm not ready to review Created to Be His Help Meet just yet. So I decided to pull a favorite book from my bookshelf to share today.

It's Simply Fun for Families by Gwen Ellis. I got my copy at Ollie's for $3.99 and it was worth every penny! (You can get it quite inexpensively at Half or Amazon, too!)

Fun family idea books abound, but this one is a keeper! My favorite features of this book include:
  • how to find time for family fun (tips in every chapter)
  • how to find money for family fun (tips in every chapter)
  • how to compile a file of personalized family fun activities
  • a whole chapter on family fun ideas from your own home
  • fun ideas for every holiday, both major and minor (organized by month)
  • an excellent chapter on the family vacation
  • an entire chapter devoted to camping (Now, if I could just convince my husband!)
  • an appendix of 50 ideas for free family fun

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars - it's that good!