Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A John Deere quilt for my little guy

This is the craft-related project I'm working on this week. My 4-year-old is madly in love with all things John Deere. For Christmas we got him a John Deere clock, calendar and an 11x14" collage of pictures I had taken of the local farmer's wife (with their John Deere tractor) in our backyard. We're decorating his bedroom!

Sometime last summer, I had the opportunity to purchase this John Deere fabric for 50% off when a local Wal-Mart got rid of their fabric section. So I got all I needed and pieced the quilt. It didn't take as long as I expected, even if it was my first quilt ... And I'm notorious for "losing steam" on big projects!

So I now have to quilt it. Of course, I go on quilting spurts - mostly when it's cold outside and I don't mind being smothered in all that quilt batting. But I only have two more rows to quilt and then it's ready to be bound, so I'm working hard to see how soon I can finish it. Of course, a lot of that depends on what kind of mood the kids are in each day, but today was a fairly good quilting day and I got a row almost completed.

Of course, we just ran across a complete John Deere bedding set on Craigslist (comforter, sheets, pillowcases) for $10!! Since my son has bunkbeds, we decided to get that set as well and put it on the top bunk. The really cool thing about this is that the backing fabric for the quilt is the same as the comforter fabric!

So what labors of love have you done for your kids that you thought you'd never attempt?


Farm gal said...

I hadn't seen this before. It is looking very nice! Can't wait to see the finished product.