Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA

... yielded this photograph from the recreated Governor's Palace garden:

So what are my tips for this photograph?

  • Be patient. I had to wait about five minutes (and then be quick with the shutter button) before I could get a picture with no other tourists in it.
  • Keep your eye out for architectural details to highlight. I loved the scrollwork on these gates, and isolating just the gates highlights that detail.
  • Experiment with angles. This is one area that I feel I could have improved with this picture. If I had moved just slightly to the left, the second gate would have been perfectly centered inside the first one. But I'm giving myself credit for seeing the "gate inside the gate" angle! :)

And that's it for the tips on this one. I could probably offer a few more if I thought hard enough, but those are the most obvious ones. And it always helps to focus on a few issues per photograph, rather than trying to do an exhaustive textbook study on each one.

Try your hand at being patient, looking for architectural details, or just experimenting with angles. (Don't forget to set your camera to the highest resolution in case you get an enlargement-worthy photo!) Post it to your blog and then post a link. I'd love to see what you've come up with!