Thursday, February 21, 2008

Book Spotlight: You Shouldn't Have!: How to Give Gifts They'll Never Forget

I picked up this book secondhand thinking it might give me some good gift ideas, since I'm always looking for more good, yet frugal gifts.

Unfortunately, while some of the ideas are quite fabulous, so are the prices. And a lot of her suggestions have to do with wine. (We don't drink and wouldn't ever give wine as a gift.)

Her standard wedding gift, even to couples that she barely knows, is a crystal ice bucket from Tiffany's. The price? $80, the last time she checked. Um, I didn't spend that much on my brother's or sister's wedding gift. There's no way I'm spending that much on a virtual stranger!

And while it might be "perfect" etiquette to give an expectant couple a gift when they first announce their pregnancy, a gift at each baby shower and a gift when the baby comes home from the hospital, I know of virtually no one who expects that many gifts from one person. Likewise with an engaged couple - a gift at the engagement party, a gift at each bridal shower, and a gift at the wedding.

Yikes! I think etiquette can get out of hand sometimes. Myself, I see it as poor taste to expect that many gifts from people.

Now if you have boatloads of money to throw away and enjoy shopping at Tiffany's or Saks Fifth Avenue, go ahead and get this book. You'll find some useful pointers. Otherwise, save your money. I'll try to remember to write a review for a much more helpful, frugal gift-giving book in the near future.