Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Craft Room Wall Art

I've had these wall stickers for awhile now and didn't know where to put them. But once I redid my craft room, I knew I wanted to put them on the walls.

I got them at Dollar Tree ($1 each) and I used two of them in my room.

The first one allowed some room for moving it around, so I carefully cut the pieces apart and arranged them on the countertop first. I highly recommend this since I would have overdone it if I had just gone by the drawing I made first!

Here it is on the wall, just above my fake window frame (an "old" Home Interiors purchase).

And here is the second one that didn't have a lot of rearranging possibilities, so I just did it as it was. I really, really like the arrangement!

I do have a few tips if you plan to use these (or similar) wall stickers.
  • Most of the letters are individually cut, meaning you have to align them carefully. I recommend you measure carefully and draw a light pencil line on the wall to make sure you're getting them on straight.
  • Take the stickers off the backing very carefully since it wouldn't be hard to rip one. (I didn't, but I'm pretty familiar with stickers, thanks to scrapbooking.)
One of the nicest things about these stickers is that they are removable so I don't have to worry about putting them on the walls in our parsonage.


Kim said...

The walls in my house aren't smooth, I wish they were because I really really like what you did with the stickers.