Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doilies for my husband!

My husband just got a large corner shelf for his study - to display his collection of eagle "memorabilia." He wanted doilies to go on each shelf, under the collections. He didn't like anything from the dollar store, so I was commissioned to make seven (!) of these doilies.

I just finished this one, so now I have only six more to go. I'm not planning to try more than one each day since my hands are curled up like I have rheumatoid arthritis after finishing just one!

The doily is roughly 10" diameter.


Mother said...

Very nice!

byrumnews said...

Wow, what a rarity - Someone who can actually make doilies. So many hand-crafted items are becoming a lost art form. If I lived close by you would have me knocking on your doorstep to learn how. Please make sure to pass this knowledge on. They are gorgeous.