Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is my current favorite picture of my daughter.

What makes it so special? Just that it's how she looks every day. Yes, I comb her hair and fix it every morning. But somehow she manages to lose the barrettes and "gumbies" by lunchtime. She's very much of a free spirit, and this picture captures her so well.

I was setting up to take pictures of a 6-month-old when I took this picture. I asked my kids to step in front of the camera so I could check the lighting. She happily obliged, even claiming the teddy bear prop! How could I resist a picture like this?

So my tip for this picture is:
  • be sure to take pictures of what your kids look like every day, not just when they're dressed up for portraits.

Sure, you can take those kind of pictures any time. But notice how the traditional portrait features - uncluttered, solid background and great lighting - highlight her. So if you ever get the chance, by all means photograph your child as you will remember them ten years from now.