Friday, February 22, 2008

Writing my hand off while I was sick ...

Yes, I wrote and wrote and wrote while I was sick ... at least the times when I didn't feel so awful I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. Uh, I guess that means I did all of this yesterday afternoon.

I was reading The Decoration of Houses by Alexandra Stoddard, another thrift store find. Just a few pages into the book, she asks you to pretend you're her client and answer a whole slew of questions. I thought it sounded interesting. And since I had nothing else to do, I did it!
Eighteen handwritten pages later, I learned more about myself than my decorating style (which I'm pretty familiar with already). Some of my "I never thought of it before" moments included the following realizations:
  • I enjoy rural areas more than big cities, although I like the convenience of having a smaller city closeby.
  • Museums really aren't "my thing." I'm usually surprised to find a few interesting things at each museum, but I still wouldn't pick a museum to visit if it were up to me.
  • I like to stick to food that I'm familiar with. I am not adventurous in this area!
  • I have no idea what my favorite trees are since I never learned to tell them apart.
  • I'm not as aware of my senses as I once thought, although my surroundings affect me greatly, whether I recognize it or not.
  • Weaving has never interested me.
  • I can't stand opera. It gives me a headache. (Seriously!)
  • The fabrics I wear and the ones I decorate with are mainly similar in one aspect: they are florals.
  • I have no budget for indoor flowers since I prefer to use my money in other ways. However, I would like to incorporate some flowers into my garden this year to provide for occasional bouquets inside.

Do you have a copy of this book? Does your library? Check it out and go through the questions. You'll probably be surprised at some of the things you never thought to ask yourself.

A word of caution, though: From what I've read so far, it sounds like she's into the feng shui nonsense and Eastern religious concepts. I certainly don't endorse that. I pass over the nonsense and take the gold.


jemilyea said...

It's been a long time since I read this book. I'll try to get it from the library soon. I remember taking some notes from the book, but they may have just been decorating notes, and not the questionnaire.

I like museums and historical houses and buildings. I'm also starting to like art galleries and art museums. Alexandra Stoddard has been an influence there. I like her ideas of using famous art prints on notecards and postcards.

You'll have to start being more adventurous with food and with opera! I'm going to have to start educating you on opera! It's something I've always wanted to learn more about. I haven't been to one yet, but I've started reading about operas and listening to famous songs from operas. Do you have fast enough internet access to download audio and video clips? If you have the same email address you had previously, I'll email you some links of nice introductory stuff that I don't think will give you a headache!

I love checking out gardening books from the library--the books with lavish photographs. I add a little more to my flower beds every year, mainly with perennials that I know grow well in my area. I currently have candytuff, daffodills, irises, dianthus, hostas, delphiniums, and daylilies that are just starting to poke though for the spring. Last summer I also planted zinnias and four o'clocks from seed. The zinnias came in all colors and grew really tall. They make great cut flowers. Your DS is probably old enough to enjoy planting flowers.

Do you vegetable garden?

Sophia said...

You know what, I forgot about the one opera that I actually did like: Les Miserables. But I think I was heavily influenced by my dad, who loves that one ... So I guess not all opera gives me a headache. :)

I'm on plain old dial-up, for at least awhile yet, so I can't do audio and video clips very easily.

I didn't get to have a garden last year, with the youngest being at the "such a handful" stage yet. I'm planning to this year, though, and hoping to involve at least my little guy in the planting and maintaining. We have done strictly vegetables so far.