Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008: Crafts

This is just in the planning stages right now, but I've been thinking about this and gathering ideas since Cousin Camp ended last year. This year we will have eight participants - 4 girls and 4 boys. (Last year, my youngest was there but didn't participate since she was too young.) These are the crafts I'd like to include in Cousin Camp this year:

Personality boxes - I learned to make these in 4th or 5th grade. We cut out phrases and pictures from old magazines that said something about us. Then we glued them collage-style to shoeboxes. The end result was a place to put our miscellaneous treasures. Since I rarely buy new shoes, I have no shoeboxes. I'm planning to purchase photo storage boxes when they go on sale for $1.99 each. This is our big (i.e. most expensive) craft for this year (like the stepping stones were last year).

Mini photo album of the week - I got a bunch for $0.10 each when my Dollar Tree was moving its store and almost giving away the stuff they didn't want to move. This way, they can arrange their own pictures. (And it's more durable than last year's since the plastic sleeves protect the pictures.)

Decorated cups - Like last year, I'm going to have them decorate their own cups (to include their name) for the week. But this year I'm buying a couple paint pens instead of Sharpies so I don't have to keep going over the writing and drawing!

Foam visors - This is another repeat from last year, but very practical since we'll be outside a lot.

Soap Box Dragsters - This one is for the boys. It looked like something that would interest them and it's a great way to use up things that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage.

Pretty Plastic Pocketbooks - This one is for the girls. I figured they could be making these while the boys work on their dragsters. I have two sturdier organizers that would work beautifully. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of them at spring yard sales. In a pinch, I can always buy a pack of the flimsier ones to make up the difference.

Banks - I got the idea from Family Fun, but I can't find it on their website. The idea is an oldie but goodie - take lidded cans and make savings banks out of them, decorating the outside to suit each child's fancy. I'll be collecting the cans from now until Cousin Camp, I'm sure!

These sound like fun to me. I hope they enjoy them as much as I think they will!


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