Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frugal Easter Outfits

You already knew that I rarely buy any clothing or shoes new, right? I'm not knocking anyone who does. I'm just at a stage in life that it's relatively easy to find clothes that look almost new for next-to-nothing. Take these Easter outfits for example ...

My daughter will be wearing this Bonnie Jean jumper ($2.00 at a yard sale last year) with this purple jacket that I found just in time ($1.25) and these "new" Mootsie's Tootsie's white shoes that look as though they were never worn ($3.00). God provided the jacket and shoes just in the knick of time!

And here's my Easter outfit to match: a jumper I already had but have rarely worn and a "new" white jacket ($1.25) that makes it look totally different than before. This jacket, too, was one of those "knick of time" purchases. I've been looking for it for weeks now, and I got it just this Thursday.

My son has several suits, and I'm selecting the one that best matches our outfits. After all, who really notices the minute differences in suits? I doubt anyone will realize that it's not a new one. Everyone is usually busy admiring girls' Easter outfits to notice if the boys are wearing something new or not (so long as they look spiffy).

Not bad for $7.50!