Friday, March 21, 2008

Photography: Pets

A friend asked if I'd be willing to photograph her poodle, so I got the chance to do that tonight. This was my first pet photography session ... And I thought it was hard to get kids to stand still! Oh well. These pictures were cute and worth the hassle.

The lighting conditions were less than ideal. The first photo was taken under flourescent lighting and the other two were taken in a room lit with one small lamp. I had to take what I could get because it was too late at night to be going outside (or to get wonderful natural lighting from the window) and the dog was obviously more comfortable in the lamp-lit room.

I got a picture of my friend with her dog, but I'm not posting it for privacy reasons. (Some people prefer not to have their picture online.) I wish I could, though, because it was on par with any of the "you with your pet" portraits I've seen offered at retail establishments.

So what do you think? If this were your dog, which photo would you pick as a favorite, if you absolutely had to pick just one? I'd appreciate any thoughts!


Mother said...

I think I would pick the first one only because of the good black and white contrast. The second picture would probably have been my choice if the lighting would have been better. :)