Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning!!

Even while I've been doing gardening tasks this week, I've been decluttering and spring cleaning in the house. I'll post pictures of my bathroom closet once I'm able to lay my hands on enough of the properly-sized drawer organizers. (Dollar Tree is currently out of the size I need.)

Am I the only one who gets a rush just looking at everything sorted neatly in closets? Seriously! My husband laughed at me because I opened the kids' closet doors several times this week just to look at them and enjoy the fruits of my labors. They are organized again!

Tonight I had our church's ladies' meeting here at the house. I spent the morning in the garden and the afternoon cleaning like a madwoman. I didn't want to just spot-clean for company. I was in the mood to spring clean! Since supper was in the Crockpot, I didn't have to worry about stopping to make it; I was able to get a lot done.

One of my greatest achievements of the day was cleaning - and finally decluttering - my utility room (aka the back entrance that everyone uses).

All items to donate to thrift stores went to the van for my husband's morning run. All items to donate to our church's missions department went directly over to the church. All big garbage went directly to the larger garbage tote outside the door.

I cleaned out my potato bin and put sweet potatoes in the bottom, since I don't use it for onions anymore (I chop and freeze them so they don't go bad). I had them in this totally ugly basket that was falling apart. It went to the trash.

I rolled up the ratty-looking runners that have been here since the day we moved in (they belong with the parsonage, but have seen better days). Why have a nice laminate floor and then cover it with ratty carpets? High on my priority list are two new welcome mats (one for outside the door, one for inside) and a decorative semi-circle rug to in front of my kitchen sink. I'm tired of these carpet-remnant uglies that put more dirt on my floor than they collect.

I used a dollar-store version of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean the deep freeze, washer, dryer, the doors and the walls. The appliances still have scratch marks on them here and there, but they look worlds better now that they're really clean.

Tonight one of the ladies complimented me on how nice my utility room looks. Doesn't it feel great when someone notices your hard work?