Monday, April 21, 2008

Great links!

I just remembered I had a link roundup to share on my blog before we ever went away on vacation. So I apologize that some of these links are almost 2 weeks old (but still good!).

Some links for parents:

  • recipes for scratch 'n sniff watercolors, silly putty, invisible ink and more
  • paper plate crafts

Some links for crafters:

  • More Than a Card - a great gift idea! The recorder is $15 for 30 seconds of recording time, but you can get one here for $5 with 10 seconds of recording time.
  • a purchased Wilton cupcake box jazzed up for a cute gift
  • a homemade cupcake box to fit one cupcake (this would be cute for a friend's birthday, or even a child!)
  • a gardening gift set for those of us who like to stamp (Can you tell I love this lady's blog?)
  • a homemade box for homemade cards, especially for a gift set
  • make-your-own Prima flowers