Thursday, April 24, 2008

More vacation photos: Skyline Drive

I almost forgot to post more pictures from our vacation! This is the perfect day to do so since I had a full day with a funeral, migraine headache and church tonight. (Have you ever tried to play the piano for church while recovering from a migraine? It's not fun.)

These are pictures I took at various overlooks and stops along Skyline Drive in VA. Of course I took more than just these, but these are probably my favorites. The mountains are so beautiful!

The deer are almost tame. We passed several groups of them, and you can see that some were quite close to the road. I'm used to deer running when they see and hear vehicles, but several of them kept eating (or resting) as though they were completely used to traffic. We still slowed down every time we saw some deer, though, just in case.