Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vacation Photos: Luray Caverns

Tonight I thought I'd share the rest of my vacation pictures with you, before I forget entirely. These were taken at Luray Caverns. I wasn't sure how my camera would function in the lighting, so I took each picture with flash and without flash. (I much preferred the pictures without flash.)

I'm sure it goes without saying that I took more pictures than these (around 90, to be exact), but these are my favorites.

I took this one (above) with the panoramic setting on the camera.

This is the lake that's so clear it appears to have a mirror image instead of water at the bottom. It's rather small here, but closeup it catches all the little details. I was thrilled with how it turned out!

I really like the lighting on this one. It's the part they call the wishing well, if you're familiar with Luray Caverns. I liked how the formations on the bottom right almost look like an alligator. Added to that, the light is casting a greenish tint on it!

So there you have them - my favorite vacation pictures!


littlestar said...

Hi Sophia,
Just saw your photographs, thought they were wonderful. I am starting a tour company of battlefields and caverns in the Shenandoah. I would like to use some of them on my flyer. If this is O.K. with you, please e-mail me back at You will have your name on the flyer as the photographer.
Peter Leccese