Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Mine is doing quite well, thank the Lord! (He's the only one I can thank since I've been gone for two whole weeks this month. I certainly haven't kept it going!)

As usual, a week of nice weather while we were away ensured that the weeds grew twice as fast as the profitable plants in the garden. Today my husband helped me till the garden rows so it looked more like a garden again, instead of a jungle of weeds. After that, I went through and weeded between the plants themselves. It looks good again!

Here are some of my carrots (ignore that weed I missed in front):

And some of my lettuce:

And some onions:

And finally, a bird's-eye view (somewhat) of the whole garden:

The far end hasn't been planted yet. It's reserved for corn, which won't be planted until next month at the earliest.

I'm glad I got to weed today because I saw the strangest metallic green beetle on my tomato and pepper plants. I'm going to see if I can figure out what they are and how to get rid of them. I'm sure they do some kind of damage, although they haven't just yet!

I also need to purchase a few tomato cages for my tomato plants. They're at the point where they need to be caged so they don't fall all over the ground when the tomatoes come on.

Both the tomato and pepper plants are blossoming, so that's good!

If the weather holds out, I might plant cucumbers tomorrow. I'm planting a whole row of those since my husband (and both kids) loves dill pickles. We probably go through a jar a month. I prefer bread and butter pickles, so I might also make some of the freezer pickles I made last year. They were very good (and easy) and reminded me of the bread and butter style.

I'm fortunate that my garden is doing so well. A friend told me her brother has lost quite a few plants to frost. Our weather has been colder than usual this year in terms of the last frost. I planted early, so it's just the Lord that spared my plants. I didn't even know I should be worried about it until it had already happened!


jemilyea said...

I thought of your garden this weekend and hoped you'd post a picture soon. Each morning on my walk, I pass a large garden. The tomatoes in it are staked and the corn is about 6 inches high.