Saturday, May 17, 2008

My dining room re-do

I can’t believe how nicely this turned out! I mean, I was expecting nice chairs, but this looks like something out of a high-end magazine. I’m glad my husband talked me into buying the fabric for the tablecloth because it completes it all.

This is what the chairs looked like before I covered them. (And I didn’t choose the worst-looking chair, either!) As you can see, they needed redone. I’m not sure what the company was thinking when they covered these chairs with this flimsy fabric and plastic-bag-weight plastic, but they certainly weren’t thinking long-term – or children!

So what do you think? A 100% difference? I’m thinking more of a 200% difference. It’s exactly what I’ve always envisioned for my "perfect" dining room. I mean, it was nice before, but it’s fantastic now.

I managed to cover all eight chairs in an afternoon, averaging about a half hour for each chair, from start to finish.

My husband was a bit skeptical as I was starting this on his way out the door Friday afternoon. When he came home for supper, he was so impressed and excited about it that he insisted we go right out to Wal-Mart and see if they had any of the fabric left for a window treatment. So we did!

The afternoon didn’t pass without incident, though. I’m not surprised, with two preschoolers in the house. Both kids wanted me to open the windows "so we can hear the birds sing." What mother could resist that logic? So, against my better judgment, I opened both dining room windows. Really, what could happen with me right there?

I forgot to take into account my accident-prone daughter. After almost finishing my fifth chair, I looked up to see her sitting on the windowsill. Before I could even say her name and tell her to get down, she leaned against the screen. You guessed it – she fell right out the window!

Thank God we were on the first floor and there were flowers and bushes to cushion her fall! Here’s the goose egg she got on her forehead (I have no idea what she knocked her forehead on):


jemilyea said...

IMO, the rose fabric is much better-looking than the original white. The pink and cream tones bring out the richness of the wood, and the roses themselves emphasize the curves and ornate carvings in the chair backs. It's all beautiful!

Joy said...

Looks awesome! We are redoing an
old buffet of my Gma's..the stain is coming off slowly but surely.
We also have a table,chairs and hutch to do.