Saturday, June 28, 2008

4-year-olds are hilarious!

It has been in the mid-90s here the last few days. Yesterday, my husband was mowing the grass. Usually I let the kids play in the backyard once he's done there, but it was almost too hot for them to be out. (Not only that, but my daughter got her first bee sting that morning and was a little leery about going outside.) So the kids and I hung out in the house.

Somewhere around mid-afternoon, my son decided he wanted to go outside. And he was determined to get himself ready. When he came out of his bedroom, he had on a winter coat and rain boots. Of course, I told him it was too hot for a coat, but he insisted on going out with it zipped up and the hood up. I figured, what can it hurt? He'll take it off as soon as he realizes how hot it is outside.

So he came back a few minutes later, still wearing the coat. (He had at least taken the hood down.) He told me he went to see Daddy. So my first question was, "What did he say?"

Of course I was expecting to hear something about the coat. But my son was still oblivious to how funny he appeared to everyone else in that coat in 90-degree weather.

You know what he said? "Sunscreen. Daddy says I need to put sunscreen on."

I haven't had a laugh that good in a long time!