Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cards to share

My 9-year-old niece has been asking me if she could make some birthday cards for her cousin, brother and mom who are all having birthdays this month. I've been promising the whole visit that we would do it sometime, but I didn't get time to do it until today. Here are the cards we all made (myself, my niece and my mom) with my clear stamp collection ...

I needed to make a wedding card for my husband's nephew who is getting married this weekend. Fortunately I had just made some wedding-themed ATCs to use on just such occasions. So most of my work was done. I just attached it to the card, added some details around the edges, and I was done. I liked it quite a bit!
I was pretty impressed with the cards my niece made. I think she has quite the flair for design. I didn't help one bit with the design of this card (the first one she's ever made). The only thing I helped with was adhesive. This is the one she made for her mom:

And check out the one she made for my other niece! This is a very pretty card, even in person! I think I helped a little with the lace edging on this one because both she and my mom were having trouble lining it up right, but all the ideas were hers. And she even did her own adhesive on this one:

And here's the one my mom made for that same niece's birthday. She also stamped inside, and it's really cute. My mom's hands shake a lot, so I thought she did a fantastic job on that lace edging! To my knowledge, this is also my mom's first card:

We had a lot of fun, and tomorrow we're going to work on Father's Day cards. I'll try to post those tomorrow night.