Friday, June 20, 2008

Gardening: peppers and tomatoes

It's time for another update on my garden. Here's what it looks like right now:
This is my first banana pepper. I think I'm going to pick it tomorrow. I decided to give it just one more day to see if it grows at all. I've never grown banana peppers before, so I wasn't sure if it should be any bigger around. It's already reached the 6" length that it's supposed to. I'm just not sure how wide it's supposed to be. (I included my hand in the picture for proportion.)

And here are some of my beautiful tomatoes:
They're not red yet, of course, but it looks like they're going to be big and beautiful! I must have ten of them about this size right now. Here's a picture of one with my hand to give you an idea of how big it is (that's my hand cradling it):
I'm pretty happy with my garden so far. This is the really exciting part - watching things grow, almost before my eyes.

My cucumber plants are already flowering, too, and my carrots' tops are pretty tall!


tlmcmurray said...

I wish my garden looked so good. I was weeding for 1 hr yesterday & still have LOTS to go. We have had too much rain here in Northern Ohio.


jemilyea said...

Your garden looks lovely. Please keep us updated on it. I must try a few plants some year. I'm one of the non-traditional neighbors who loves it when people give me squash and zuchinni and no one has yet this summer! I should plant at least one plant next year.