Friday, June 13, 2008

A sale at the perfect time!

My blog is full of "sales at the perfect time," if you've been reading ver long. But I wanted to document yet one more blessing from God in the form of a great sale at the perfect time ...

Just this week, our computer gave us a huge scare. It looked like our operating system was trashed and we would lose all of our personal files on it ... including some irreplaceable files. I hadn't done a backup in awhile. (We could get the OS back, but not the personal files.)

Thank the Lord, it booted up just fine after sitting for a few hours turned off, and we were able to backup the most important of our personal files. Our computer technician, who answers all of our questions for free, recommended buying one or two flash drives to backup those files on a weekly basis - if not more often. [He still has no idea why the computer did such a thing ... ]

The only flash drive I had was a 512 mb freebie from Rite Aid. It worked in a pinch, but I had to go through and make some tough decisions about which files I could potentially live without. So we decided that we needed to buy another flash drive or two.

I remembered that they were pretty pricey for the larger sizes, but I checked at Staples first since they run some fantastic sales sometimes. Wouldn't you know, the flash drives were on sale? It doesn't look like they're advertised in the flyer, but the prices were reduced by almost half. I was able to get a SanDisk 4 gb flash drive for $25, as opposed to the $50 price tag from Wal-Mart for the same exact thing. 4 gb is plenty of room for the files we need to backup.

Isn't God good??