Saturday, July 19, 2008

The best-laid plans ...

I am so disappointed right now, I could cry. Do you remember those Cousin Camp t-shirts I just made? Well, I had to replace my printer cartridge and get one more t-shirt (for my daughter) before I could finish the last three. I finally found the last t-shirt last night, spent the morning finishing the last three, and then washed them exactly like the instructions said to.

You know where this is going, don't you? When I pulled them out of the wash, every one of them except the one for my youngest nephew was completely ruined. The transfers are peeling off like they were stretched too far (which they weren't).

Cousin Camp starts next Tuesday, and I can't possibly replace the two long-sleeved white t-shirts for my own kids in that amount of time. I spent three weeks looking for them in the first place! Not only that, but this whole project costed me around $18.

Yes, I'm going to contact the company. They're out of the office for the weekend, but I e-mailed them and plan to call them first thing Monday morning. They guarantee a replacement if I'm not happy, and I'm going to see if that "replacement" extends to all those t-shirts their transfers just ruined, too. It might not, but I'm hoping it will.

At first I thought maybe it was from ironing images onto both the front and back, since it says not to iron "directly" onto the transfer once it has been completed. BUT the older packaging specifically states that you should put the transfer paper back over it if you would happen to need to iron it (which I did). Not only that, but both sides of the t-shirts are peeling - not just the one that would have been ironed over a second time.

I might be able to buy more t-shirts, transfer paper and do all the ironing again on Monday, provided they replace the money for the t-shirts, too. If that's the case, I think I'll have to go to "Plan B" with my kids' t-shirts and use short-sleeved shirts (which I don't prefer) ... Maybe I could layer the shirts or cut up an old one to extend the sleeves a bit.

I'm trying to be as charitable toward the company as possible, so I'm guessing I must have gotten a bad batch of transfers.


REJunod said...

I like to get the t-shirts a little big, and then cut a couple inches off the bottom and use that to extend the sleeves. I have also taken the sleeves off other shirts (bought real cheap at the thrift store) and sewed them onto the sleeves of the good shirt to extend that way. Both ways turn out nice. If your using the ruined shirts, it may be easiest to cut off the bottom since those have long sleeves. Hope you get it all worked out in time!!!!