Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008: T-shirts

If you've read my blog mini-series about Cousin Camp, you might be interested to hear that it will be taking place in about a week and a half. So I might do a few posts leading up to it, and I'll definitely post pictures and reactions afterward.

Today I decided to share this year's t-shirts. I used Avery iron-on transfer paper to create and print these on the computer, then iron them onto the t-shirts. Last year I only did a small design on the front of the shirts. This year, I'm getting a little more adventurous and doing a larger design on both sides.

What do you think? It was my husband's idea to use the big "08" on the back with their names, like football jerseys. I liked the effect. (Did I ever mention what a genius he is?)

If you ever want to do iron-on transfers on both sides of a t-shirt, please be aware that you're not supposed to iron on top of a transfer once you've applied it. The way I got around it was to iron the design onto the front, let it cool, iron the design onto the back, let it cool and then peel the backing papers off. It worked great!