Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cousin Camp: Treasure Stones

Here's what my Treasure Stones look like:

If you think they look realistic in the picture, you ought to see them in real life! The only thing that "gives them away" is that they have a tiny little bit of "give" when you press on them.

It seems no one ever answers the question: How many does it make? So I'll try to answer it.

Here's my profound answer: It depends on what you're hiding inside. (As I said, it's profound.)

I hid plastic army men (police, really, but you're probably more familiar with the size of army men) and 1" decorative erasers in mine. I made a double batch of the recipe and ended up with 21 stones. If your items are larger, you won't get as many. If they're smaller, you'll get more. (I know, another profound statement.)

As for my experience with them, I had to add almost a whole cup of flour extra to get it to the right consistency. I could have avoided that by adding the water a little slower, but I didn't. Also keep in mind I made a double batch.

I baked mine in a 150-degree oven (the "Warm" setting on mine) for 20 minutes to harden them since I didn't have 2-3 days to let them harden otherwise. This worked just fine, but it wouldn't work if you were putting (wrapped) chocolate candies inside - it would melt the candies.

My verdict? They're relatively easy to make a have a huge "WOW" factor. You could hide pennies in these and still get a "WOW" response from kids. :)