Monday, July 7, 2008

Do my kids have a direct line to heaven?

You know, I don't mean that to be trite. I think I've said it before, but it seems like all my kids have to do is get their hearts set on a specific toy, and we find it at thrift stores in no time. My husband and I are convinced it's because we have given control of our finances to God and give sacrificially (i.e. above what we could usually afford) when prompted.

Whatever the reason, we're certain to tell the kids each time that God has provided this toy for them.

So, what was it this time? I'm sure you're familiar with the Fur Real animals. Somehow my son had seen one in the store and got his heart set on one. For $40 for the large one and $15 for the baby, I think they're way over-priced. So we told him we'd keep our eyes out at thrift stores. And since then, while I usually ignore the bins of stuffed animals, I've been rooting through the stuffed animals at thrift stores. Today we found not one, but two Fur Real cats - a kitten and a small cat. Do you want to know how much they were? $0.48 - for both of them. Yes, God is better to us than we deserve!

So here's what else we got at the thrift store (when we dropped off several bags of donations): Harvest Ministries (my favorite local one)

  • Osh Kosh jumper for my daughter - $0.50

  • Fur Real cat (furthest left) - $0.38

  • other animated cat (on the right - I forget the brand name, but it's similar) - $0.38

  • canning funnel - $0.38

  • Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose hand soap dispenser - $0.38 (My kitchen is decorated in Tea Rose.)

Salvation Army (my second favorite local thrift store)

  • 3 books - $0.05 each

  • Fur Real kitten - $0.10

  • Little Tykes police helmet - $0.30

  • bike helmet - $1.00

  • basket (to hold a gift) - $0.15

  • and this winter decoration that is as high as my chest:
It was $0.75.

It was a good day!


Tiffany said...

I know exactly what you mean about the toys!! The same thing happens to us, and my husband has the same explanation!!! He always reminds me that God cares not only about our needs, but also our wants.

jskell911 said...

Those are some fantastic deals. We have only a Salvation Army around here and they never have such great prices! I am impressed!