Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garden bounty: carrots

Yesterday I made reference to carrots from my garden. Well, here are the pictures! Check out what one seed packet (and one garden row) yielded:

I'll admit that I was totally and completely shocked. I was expecting maybe ten puny little carrots, certainly not this bounty! I'm chalking it up to beginner's luck because one of the most experienced gardeners from our church told me he didn't get one carrot out of all that he planted this year.

So, of course, I had some canning to do. I canned six pints before I ran out of jars.

A friend from church sent me a bunch of her mother's canning jars tonight, so I'm planning to finish canning the rest tomorrow. I think I have about four more pints to go.

I should mention that the carrot seeds were Burpee seeds - that were two years past their prime date! No, I didn't buy them out of date. I actually bought them two years ago when I did my first garden - and then decided not to do carrots that year. So I planted them this year. What did I have to lose? Obviously, nothing!


Denise said...

Congratulations on your harvest! We planted carrots from a seed packet also-twice! and...NOTHING!! We don't understand it, everything else is doing really good in our garden, I need to get some pictures posted of our first fruits/harvest on my little blog I started (Blessings and Savings), you all have given me inspiration to try my own hand at this! We are very thankful and give praise for how good things in the garden are doing! Enjoy your blog!