Thursday, July 10, 2008

I did it!

Remember I mentioned I'd like to have a yard sale last Saturday and get rid of the baby clothes that are clogging my storage closet? After I thought it over for awhile, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Saturdays are one of the busiest days in the parsonage, and that's the only day people have yard sales around here.

So I didn't have the yard sale. But I determined that wasn't going to stop me from doing what I needed to do. I bagged up all of the clothes and donated them to various causes. Most went to our church's missionary society who will forward them to missions in New Mexico and Texas. I sent the boys' suits to a fellow minister whose boy is a few sizes younger than mine. And a few things went to Harvest Ministries, my favorite local thrift store.

I did list my Blue Jean Teddy nursery set on Craigslist simply because I have tons and tons of stuff. I couldn't see just getting rid of it without trying to sell it first, so that's the one thing that's still sitting here at my house ... But it's listed, so that counts for something!!

Would you believe I emptied eight bankers boxes? There were five 13-gallon trash bags full of clothing that went to our church, two to Harvest Ministries and one to the fellow minister's family.

My storage closet is now half-empty. It's a good feeling! Now I can better organize what's in there so that I can get to it when I need it. I used to have to pull out fifteen boxes to get to the one item I needed. Not anymore!

I thought I might get depressed when I got rid of the baby things, but it was actually a freeing feeling. I don't feel so pressured to hang onto every scrap of clothing just in case we have another baby.


Sharon said...

Yea! I am so proud of you, it can be quite hard to let go. Just beware....they say that right after you get rid of all the baby stuff is when you get pregnant! lol.

Sophia said...

That's what everyone has told me! I kept the crib. Does that count? ;)