Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Revised Cousin Camp plans

In case you're following the saga of Cousin Camp, I thought I'd update you that plans have changed. We can't do it at my house this year. I have no way to get my brother's kids here. So I'm planning on that for next year.

That means that we're having it at my sister's farm, and that also means I had to majorly overhaul my plans. We even had to shorten it to a Tuesday through Friday event since we had to squeeze it in between our church's conference and camp.

So here are my detailed plans for the week (sorry it's a little hard to read - I haven't figured out yet how to tab on Blogger) ...

4:30 – Everyone arrives.
To Do:
□ Set up cup-decorating center with cups, paint pens and stencils.
□ Distribute t-shirts.
□ Get sleeping bags and spots set up.
□ Pose for group picture.
5:00 – Prepare supper:
hamburgers on the grill
French fries
6:30 – Backyard Treasure Hunt (Hide treasures right before the hunt when they’re all inside. My sister has prepared clues.)
8:30 – Snacktime:
homemade soft pretzels
9:00 – Get ready for bed.
□ Once kids are in bed, prepare 12 "hoagies" for tomorrow with hot dog buns, Miracle
Whip, lunchmeat, sliced cheese, shredded lettuce, salt and pepper. Wrap in waxed paper and tape shut.
□ Make Chocolate Yummies for tomorrow’s evening snack.
□ Make catapult for Colorful Catapult.

9:00 – Breakfast:
cold cereal
To Do:
□ Pack cooler with lunchmeat sandwiches, bottled water and bananas.
□ Brown 4 pounds burger (?), add sloppy joe sauce and place in slow cooker for supper.
□ Get out personality boxes, glue, old magazines, scissors for Personality Box craft in evening.
9:30 – Get dressed for the day (camp t-shirt, if they want).
10:00 –Montour Preserve
1:00 – Picnic lunch (at Montour Preserve):
hoagies (made w/hot dog buns), tortilla chips, bananas, bottled water
2:00 – Montour Preserve
5:00 – Supper:
sloppy joes (sloppy joe meat, hamburger buns), chips, soda
6:30 – Leave for church.
8:30 – Snacktime:
Chocolate Yummies
9:00 – Get ready for bed.
After the kids are in bed,
□ Cut money slots in can lids for Wishes Can Come True (decorated money banks from tin cans) craft.
□ Cut a cardboard paper towel tube for Roll Out the Marble activity.

9:00 – Breakfast:
waffles (frozen)
To Do:
□ Brown 2 pounds burger, add taco seasoning and place in slow cooker for supper.
10:00 – Get dressed for the day (camp t-shirt, if they want).
10:30 – Craft: Personality Boxes (decorate photo storage boxes with magazine cutouts that express their personality)
12:00 – Lunch:
hot dogs, macaroni and cheese
1:30 – Indoor Games:
The 15-Cent Write, Rip, Lace & Zip Championship
Colorful Catapult
Roll Out the Marble
5:00 – Supper:
taco salad (bagged tortilla chips, slow-cooked meat, shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, tomato, sour cream, taco sauce)
6:30 – Hide Treasure Stones in the backyard and let them find a certain number per person. Crack them open to reveal the contents (plastic Army-man-style policemen for the boys and pretty erasers for the girls).
Egg Relay Race – Separate players into two or more teams and divide a bunch of plastic Easter eggs equally between them. Have the teams line up with the first kid in each group holding her team’s eggs in her arms … At go, the egg holders must navigate a course (straight line or otherwise), then return to start and pass their eggs to the next player in line. If a runner drops any eggs along the way, she must stop and pick them up. The first team whose runners have all completed the course wins. (source: Family Fun)
9:00 – Snacktime:
homemade funnel cakes
9:30 – Get ready for bed.

9:00 – Breakfast:
pancakes (frozen)
10:00 – Get dressed for the day (camp t-shirt, if they want).
Assemble Obstacle Course while they get dressed!
10:30 – Cousin Camp Celebration (prizes when completing each activity)
Bowling with empty 2-liter bottles
Water balloon toss
Ring toss
Obstacle course ("medals" for everyone)
An adult needs to run to nearest 1-hour film place to develop photos for scrapbooks. (Plan on 6 pictures each.)
12:00 – Lunch:
grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
1:30 – Crafts:
Wishes Can Come True – money banks from lidded cans (decorate construction paper labels, then attach labels with Xyron machine)
Assemble scrapbooks.
6:00 – Supper:
pizza (4), chips, soda