Friday, August 22, 2008

$1.50 thrift store bargains!

Does anyone get sick of me showing you the fabulous deals we're able to find at our local thrift stores? I hope not because I absolutely love sharing these finds!

I've been feeling under the weather today (I caught a bug that's going around), but my husband went to get a haircut this morning and stopped by our favorite small-time local thrift store to donate a bunch of stuff.

I've been trying to get into that place all week to drop off the donations, but either the parking has been all taken or it was closed every time I went by. So after he dropped off the donations, my husband stopped in to take a quick peek and look what he found ...

I have no idea who makes this children's activity/train table. I've been searching the web for 15 minutes and haven't come up with anything that looks just like it, and there is no name on it anywhere. That's okay, though. I discovered that, no matter who makes them, these things are pricey to the extreme. What we paid was a steal.

Now before I tell you the price, let me tell you one of the really cool features: it shrinks and expands. That middle panel can come out and we could shrink the table down to just the outer two panels, if we needed or wanted to for space reasons. Expanded all the way, it's just as big as the Thomas tables I've seen at Toys 'R Us.

Now are you ready for the price? How about one dollar?! I could not believe it when my husband brought it in. For the price, I was expecting something that was falling apart, definitely not something this nice!

So here's what we did with it:

It was perfect to set up my son's Ertl and John Deere farm. It keeps all these tiny pieces off the floor (where they had been set up), and there's a bonus of extra space underneath to store accessory pieces. How cool is that?

But wait, that's not all he got at that thrift store. Did I ever mention that I have the Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dinnerware? We use it for everyday and for company since I didn't want to have to store two sets of dishes. It's durable enough for everyday but pretty enough for company.

Anyway, my parents got me set up with a complete 8-piece place settting and a few accessory pieces before I got married. Then two years ago my husband and I found over $200 worth of accessories (many of which I had been wanting) and spares at a yard sale for $40. Since that time, I've picked up a few spare pieces here and there as I find them (and need them).

This is what he got me today:

These aren't the cereal bowl size, nor are they the vegetable bowl size. They're somewhere in-between. I love the basketweave look, but I don't have a lot of those pieces, so I welcomed these two additions.

Since they are discontinued, I had to check eBay to see what they're going for. I found two exactly like mine going for $23 and $24 each, when you added in the shipping. And that was just the beginning bid!

My husband didn't even pay a tenth of that. No, he got them for $0.25 each.

Even though I'm feeling terrible, this has been a profitable day! :)


Tiffany said...

WOW! That is an AMAZING deal on the table! Unbelievable.

I also have Pfaltzgraff dishes...Summer Breeze pattern. My Mom hits up the Factory Outlet stores and gets me all sorts of go-alongs for Christmas each year. But not at the prices you guys found!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, PS...I hope you start feeling better soon :-)

Mrs Marcos said...

Just wanted to chime in that I LOVE hearing about thrift store finds so keep sharing! We have decent thrift stores in MN so once in a while I stumble across something awesome and I love reading about other's finds!