Monday, August 11, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008: Day One

If you remember from my previous post, we got rained out for most of Cousin Camp. That meant most of our plans ended up changing. Some things got pushed off for a non-rainy day, and some things got eliminated entirely. We took advantage of the sunshine when we had it.

The first day was a harbinger of things to come. We had good enough weather to get our group pictures, but that was about it. That was okay, though, because the cousins were having fun catching up with each other again and exploring the farm.

Another great surprise is that my grandmother was able to join us for Cousin Camp this year! I wish I had known sooner because I would have made her a t-shirt. We're planning something special for her as a keepsake, although we're not entirely sure what at this point. (I'm thinking I might do a photo book.) She was a special blessing when it came to cleaning up and doing dishes!

So here are our group pictures with Cousin Camp t-shirts. Notice that from this distance you can't tell how badly some of the transfers were peeling! :)

This year I did a front view ...

... and a back view!
I really like the concept of the double-sided t-shirt decorations, so I'm sure I'll be incorporating them next year, too. The kids really seemed to like the personalizing, and it sure was easier to figure out whose t-shirt was whose in the mornings (when they were all thrown in the typical piles).