Sunday, August 31, 2008

Resistance is NOT futile.

After reading about the $10/$40 coupon at Walgreens that was good through today, and then reading this post, I can't tell you how tempted I was to make a run out to Walgreens today.

But I resisted. Why? Mostly because I'm shopped out. I've done more shopping these last few weeks than I have in a long time. (That's okay, though. Savings tend to come clustered around here.)

Another reason I resisted, though, is because I didn't want to "invest" any more money into my Walgreens gift card. I goofed last month and didn't request my rebate in time. They processed the rebate for me, but it was for a check instead of the gift card (which means I didn't get the extra 10%). So this month I "reinvested" the amount of the rebate check to keep things going.

I haven't had to put money into my Walgreens purchases since November of last year. Unless something is free, I do technically take it out of the appropriate category, but in practice I haven't spent a dime outside of my gift card in nine months. I like that kind of business!

Anyway, I said all that to say this: I was exhausted, there was work to be done at home, and I didn't really need any of the deals I was passing up.

Sure, that camera would have made a great gift - IF my store had any, which is very unlikely since those kind of deals sell out within the first few hours around here. And that extra $10 on next month's rebate items would have been nice, too, but I'd have to invest another $30 (at least) into my gift card to get it.

So I resisted. Instead, I stayed at home, washed my Squeezo and juiced my garden tomatoes that were about to attract fruit flies.
It was a good feeling to get that done. It was hanging over my head all week while I had company, but I didn't want to take visiting time to do it.

I also worked on clearing out some of the clutter from my craft room. Mostly it had to do with going through old magazines, clipping the few articles I really want to save and tossing the rest.

Then I took a little bit of time in the evening to make a small gift. I'll post about that on Monday.

This was a "regrouping" kind of day.


Tiffany said...

I felt that way this week too. I just couldn't get excited about the shopping deals. I still went, because my Rite Aid is literally within walking distance, and I got some Christmas gifts there this week.....but it was more of a nuisance. Good for you for honoring your feelings and staying home!!