Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Christmas Project #1: Pajamas - Done!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't have to do much to these today other than put in zippers and sew necklines and casings. The kids saw them (thank goodness they have poor memories when it comes to these things) and wanted to try them on. They are so unbelievably cute!!
I had these mostly done last year when I bruised the bone in my foot and was put out of commission until after Christmas, so I really wanted to get them done this year - while the kids can still fit them. These will be their matching Christmas Eve pajamas.

My sister gave me the idea of using a flannel sheet to make them. A friend gave me several flannel sheets that had some paint on them here and there. I was able to make both of these from one fitted sheet (with the elastic taken out), even working around the paint spots. I have the flat sheet yet, and I might just make next year's Christmas pajamas out of that.

My second project for Christmas this year is the kids' tents. I was able to cut them out and get started on the sewing of my daughter's tent tonight. My sewing machine didn't like the Velcro very well, so I have to look up online how to put my bobbin casing back into the sewing machine ... And I think I'm going to forget any Velcro closures for now!

I was pretty surprised, though, at how easy these tents are. The hardest part is making the pattern (there are complete, detailed instructions in the book) and cutting them out. The rest is basic hemming and making seams.

If I get enough done tomorrow, I might post a preliminary sneak peek. I'll have to wait until I pick up the PVC pipes to post final pictures (probably later in the week), but I promise I'll do it as soon as I can. I'm pretty excited about them!


jemilyea said...

Using flannel sheets for the pajamas is a good idea! I like the print design. Did you use a commericial pattern, and if so what pattern number?

Can't wait to see the tents. I have same Singer book (from Dollar Tree about 6 years ago), but I've never made anything from it.

Sophia said...

I haven't forgotten about you, I just can't seem to remember to check out the pattern number when I'm downstairs during the daytime. :) I'll reply whenever I find it.