Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our homeschool room

As promised, here are the pictures of our combination homeschool/guest room. We didn't originally have the furniture configured this way. My husband got the idea to move all the "guest room" furniture to one half of the room and all the "homeschool" furniture to the other half. The result was absolutely perfect!

Here is the desk where my son sits (I need to remember a step stool to put under his feet):

This is to the right of the desk. I got the alphabet train, calendar and weather charts from Dollar Tree. The dresser (that previously held nothing but air for the 99% of the year that we didn't have week-long guests) now holds art supplies, math manipulatives, and flashcards.

I don't have a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard yet, so we're using this Little Tikes easel, which has a green chalkboard on the other side. I'll eventually have to do something different, though, because it's really hard to write on the chalkboard.

I put this construction-zone ("Learning Zone") bulletin board border around the door because my son loves all things construction. I got the border from Dollar Tree.

And here is the other side of the room, designated for guest room "stuff":

And before I go, let me point out one more awesome feature of this room - the slanted ceilings. I needed to make my own number chart since this one was missing from the packet I bought secondhand. Rather than buy a piece of posterboard and draw something, I decided to use what I already had - a bunch of cute cutouts and bulletin board numbers (all from Dollar Tree) - and make a "chart" directly on that slanted ceiling. It worked great!

These pictures don't include the bookshelf that my husband found at the thrift store for $2 yesterday - when he dropped off a bunch of donations. We had just talked the night before about keeping our eyes out for a good deal on a bookshelf since I have a lot of books in the homeschool room. Talk about a fast answer to prayer!


Tiffany said...

Looks great! I am so headed to Dollar Tree now. !! I stopped at a teaching supply store last weekend and got an alphabet chart, and Aiden loves that. I know he'd REALLY love that train!!!

Jen said...

It looks great. It gave me some ideas. I love the Dollar Tree for teaching stuff. Also, I wish we had your thrift store near us...I get so jealous!

Sharon said...

They have chalkboard in a can at home improvement stores. Real Chalkboards can be quite expensive. You can spray it onto a flat surface then hang on the wall.

Sophia said...


I didn't realize they had a spray-on chalkboard paint! I've only ever seen the kind you have to brush on, and I don't like the grainy effect from the bristles.

Unfortunately, you caught me a little too late. I bought a magnetic whiteboard today for around $15. Maybe it's for the best, though - no chalk dust! :)