Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some great ideas you might like ...

It has been awhile since I did a "link round-up," and since nothing spectacular happened today, I thought I'd post this:

First of all, some craft-type projects:

  • Here's a project that takes decorated candles to the next level. Isn’t she good?!

  • A composition book someone else did. I love the concept of a reading journal for a young child! Wouldn’t it be neat to look back and know how old you were when you read certain books? (I distinctly remember reading the unabridged version of Black Beauty several times when I was in 3rd grade.)

  • We don't "do" Halloween at our house, but this is a cute idea that could easily be adapted to any holiday!

  • Here's a cute homemade gift idea for any of the winter holidays. This would also make a great hostess gift!

And lastly, here's a great idea for those of us who like to over-organize our holidays!