Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2008 Christmas Project #2: Gift Tents DONE!

I actually finished these on Saturday, but I didn't have the chance to post them until today. I am so thrilled with how these turned out!!

Our Conference President and his wife were here this weekend, and they told me they know a lady who makes tents just like this and travels all over selling them for $100 each. Wow! I guess the $13 I have in each of them isn't so bad after all ...

Here is my son's tent. I opened the flaps to show you how the kids get in, but those flaps close, too. Isn't the snakeskin at the edges absolutely perfect? It just screams, "Indian teepee" to me! :)

And here is my daughter's, as girly as a tent can be:

And since they take up so much floor space (both of them covered most of the available space in my husband's large study), it's wonderful that they fold up to this size:

When they're folded (and tied with the shoelaces sewn onto them), they remind me of patio table umbrellas.

In case you want to try a similar project, I'll warn you that the kids are still going to need your help putting up these tents each time they come out. It takes a minute to get the "legs" just right, but once they're up they won't be coming down easily.

I cannot wait to give these to my kids this Christmas!!


jemilyea said...

The tents turned out so nice! Don't you love the satisfied feeling of having the perfect gift ready? How tall are the tents?

Sophia said...

The poles are 68" high, so the tent itself is about 53" high.