Friday, October 24, 2008

Card portfolios: More hostess gifts DONE!

My friend and I bought the cutest clear Christmas stamps (Inkadinkado) at Michael's the other day. We had 50% off coupons, thanks to JoAnn Fabrics (competitor's coupon). This was a special 2-pack with a promotional Christmas display. Judging by the pricing of the other Inkadinkado clear sets, it should have been priced around $20, but it was priced at $13. Thanks to our coupons, we got them for $6.50 a set.

Since I wanted to make some card portfolios to show at my ladies' meeting next week (Homemade Holidays theme), this was the perfect chance to try them out. So here's my 4-card snowman card portfolio:

Inside: Since the white circle is popped up with dimensionals, I could only fit 4 cards into this set.

Outside: You can't tell, but there's lots of silver glitter glue ($1 store) here! I used it on all the snowflakes, and they shimmer just like the real thing. I decorated the envelopes just like Michele recommends here. I like the special effect!

And then, since most of the ladies from my church are not into cardmaking, I made one just from a $1-spot card set that I picked up on clearance for $0.50:

Inside: I decorated the inside of this one a little bit. I included 6 cards/envelopes in this set since they're one-dimensional.

Outside: I'm not totally sure I like how I framed the image on the portfolio (I used the back of the card), but it's done. I'm sure the ladies will love it anyway, and the ease of this project may just tempt a few of them to make it!


angie said...

are the portfolios made from standard 2-pocket folders? I have a bushel of them thanks to Staples.

Sophia said...

No, they're actually made from one 8.5x11" sheet of cardstock. Check the link to Michele's blog for instructions - they're really easy!

I've made other gift-type items from those portfolios, though. Check out the post here:


Faith said...

Hey! Been having fun catching up on your blog. Love all the creative things (again!).

Did all the ladies do "Homemade Holidays" projects? If so, did you get photos of their projects? I'd enjoy seeing them.

Sophia said...

No, the ladies didn't do any projects. It was more of a "show and tell" presentation.

I did give them handouts with instructions, though, in case they wanted to make their own.

And when we were done, I let them each pick their favorite item to take home. They really enjoyed it!