Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cookie sheet Advent calendar

Yesterday I mentioned the Christmas Countdown calendar I made out of a $1 cookie sheet. I found the pictures I took last year, so I thought I'd share them today:

Here is the calendar with all the boxes on it (you could also start with the "24" box and work your way down to "1"): And here it is with no boxes on it:

And lastly, here is a blurry picture of the tiny matchboxes that I decorated to hold little treats for each day (a coin or small piece of candy for each child):

Just a few design notes:
  • I would not use the clear-type stickers again, if I had it to do over. As you can see in the pictures, those "clear" edges show up. (I'm referring to the pine branch stickers across the top.) Definitely go with closely-cut stickers!
  • I covered small matchboxes (found at Wal-Mart in a bundle of 10 or so for around $1) for each day, but I've seen lots of these calendars done with just a punched-out shape for the days. I wanted to be able to have a little surprise each day, so I chose the matchbox idea, which was not original with me. (I just don't remember who I got the idea from!)
If you make one, please leave a link in the comments. I love to see other people's creations!!


Tiffany said...

I love it!!! I haven't seen the matchbox idea before...I'm going to remember that! Thanks for sharing.

Kristen Bieber said...

Thank you for this great idea! I am going to try to make one. Where did you get the cookie sheet? I don't have a lot of thrift shops by me, do you have an idea of where to get a cheap one? I will send a pic when I make it.

Sophia said...

I got mine at the local Dollar Tree. Most dollar stores have cookie sheets - and they're just $1! HTH!