Saturday, October 4, 2008

Frugal framed prints

On Thursday my husband asked me to stop by a local thrift store and see if they had black sneakers. They didn't have any sneakers, but I did get some good coupons from their free coupon basket, as well as this wonderful gift book called Down a Garden Path by Karla Dornacher.

I have seen her books before and thought they were pretty, but I'm not much into the gift book scene. When I opened it and discovered that someone else had written in it, I knew no one would be wanting it for another gift. So I decided to buy it (for $0.25) and frame the pictures for inexpensive gifts.

My Dollar Tree has a nice selection of 8x8" frames, so I picked up a white and black one on my way home, too. I already had a burgundy one at home.

Then I went through the book and picked three pictures that would match the frames best. So here they are:

This is in a burgundy/purplish frame and is for my sister-in-law, whose kitchen is done in grapes. I especially love that these pictures are based on (and include) Scriptures!

I have someone in mind for this one, too. I really liked how the black frame set off the black in the picture and made the colors pop out. It says, "God shall supply all your needs."

Lastly, I just framed this one in white because I thought the white looked so nice with it. I didn't have anyone in particular in mind for this, but I may give it to our conference president's wife when they visit this weekend. I remembered that she likes to put Scripture on her walls, and I'm sure she'd like this one!

I consider this a wonderful frugal gift since it costs only $1 but is quite beautiful. And while it isn't a huge picture, it's a perfect size to go on someone's desk or on the counter in their kitchen.

I'm sure you're wondering how many full-page pictures are in the book. I counted 24, so that averages out to $0.01 each for the pictures themselves. I think my budget can handle that! :)