Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harvest Home: Over $320 in groceries!

Are you familiar with the Harvest Home concept? Some areas of the country call it a "pounding." I always thought it was amusing to hear parishioners talk about giving their pastor a pounding. :)

The concept is simple - parishioners bring groceries or other grocery-type necessities (paper products, etc.) for the pastor and family. I'm sure in pioneer days it was due in part to the fact that preachers weren't paid much of anything and didn't have a lot of time to devote to raising animals and tending gardens. But I'm still grateful some churches continue this tradition even when the pastor is on a salary, because it is always a huge blessing to our family.

Anyway, here's a (really small) picture of what we received in groceries for our Harvest Home this year (sorry it's small - it didn't resize well):

I logged everything and tried to figure an estimate of how much these groceries were worth. I'm sure I gave conservative estimates on most of it because I'm so used to sale prices, so it's probably well over $350 worth of groceries. Many of these items are things I consider luxuries and would probably not buy for us if I had to do the buying. Our church people know me well! :) I really appreciate all the treats, as well as the basic staples, we get every year!

All of this, and a sizable cash gift, from a congregation that numbers under 40! These people are so generous it's almost unbelievable. They have us thoroughly spoiled!


FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh How WONDERFUL for you... I've actually never heard of "pounding"... I know we do Pastor appreciation month .. and mix up the "gifts" and ideas.. Ü

Sophia said...

I also meant to mention that I was told the term "pounding" came from the fact that they were giving the pastor a "pound of this and a pound of that." :)