Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hostess gift #1 DONE!

I don't think I included the link to my original inspiration for these cute magnetic clothespins before, so here it is. This is a perfect, inexpensive little hostess gift and uses teeny, tiny scraps of paper (for those of us who can't bear to throw them away).

Here's a challenge for you: Can you tell me what is unusual in this picture? I noticed it as I was making them, but I stared at it about fifteen times before that and never saw it. It's really not a trick. I think it's more like a trick our eyes play on us. :) (Do I have you intrigued yet? If no one guesses it by Saturday, I'll try to remember to let you know what it is.)

This is one of several inexpensive little gifts I'm making to demonstrate at our church's ladies' meeting next month. I'm doing a "Homemade Christmas" theme and showing them quick and easy items they can easily make that will help cut costs. I know it seems early to do it in October, but some people like to plan ahead ... and November and December themes are pretty much a "given."


Survivalwoman said...

you forgot the l in little ?

Lisa said...

there's only one t in little... now I am crosseyed :O) Have a good day!!

Sophia said...

You got it on the first try! :) Yes, the "l" is missing in the word "little". Can you believe I bought this as part of a stamp set? Me - the inveterate grammar and spelling checker! Oh well ... I'm going to fill in the "l" by myself.