Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More great links for homemade gifts!

I've been collecting these for quite awhile now. I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted a link roundup, so here you go ...

For the sewer:

  • Here's a tutorial to make appliance covers. I need to make one for my stand mixer, so maybe I’ll get a few minutes one of these days.
  • I love lined baskets, and here's a tutorial to make your own liners.
For the paper crafter:

  • This candy carton carrier is so cute! It looks like we’ll have to figure out how to make the tops for ourselves, but it was too cute to pass up sharing with you.
  • I’ve made an Advent calendar from a cookie sheet, but this is another great (and beautiful) gift idea for $1 cookie sheets.
  • This calendar is a little more involved, but I’ve picked up similar ones at the store before. They’re great for writing your weekly menu. This way, you can design it to match your kitchen.
  • Stamp your own napkins for your next party. (Make sure you use smear-resistant ink!)
  • Do you have ugly Chap-Stick tubes in your purse? This project wouldn’t be hard, and I’m sure "tweens" would love it, too. (Hint: Wrap packing tape around them once you’ve adhered the decorative paper.)
  • This is pretty involved, but WOW! Who wouldn’t like a stationery box? (Or maybe it’s just me …)
  • Check out this composition book. Stunning!
  • Here's another card portfolio. Cute and easy!
  • This is a super-cute Christmas planner that would be perfect for yourself, as gifts – or for both.
  • These are so cute! Could these maybe, just maybe, be used for recipe card holders? If not, they’d make wonderful place card holders at a special dinner, or even "markers" at a buffet table to tell what everything is. At any rate, this would be another great hostess gift, especially packaged in a set. Here is a variation on the decoration.
And for the general crafter:

  • You can make a "white board" out of a regular picture frame. Who knew? Check out this great gift and/or decorating idea.
  • Or make a perpetual calendar using the same concept.
  • Here's a tutorial for covering cheap Bic pens with polymer clay. The possibilities are pretty much endless for this, and I could see kids enjoying this activity.
  • What 10-year-old boy do you know that wouldn’t like this gift? It’s a lot cheaper than those CSI kits at Toys ‘R Us! It wouldn't take much to fancy up those containers, either.
So who else is going to make something tonight? :)


Tiffany said...

I'd love to see your Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar. That's a project on my to-do list :-)

Sophia said...

Will do! See the post above. :)