Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A perfectly themed birthday party!

My son's 5th birthday is a few short weeks away, and he has been requesting an astronaut cake for months now. Fortunately I found an astronaut pan at a thrift store a few years ago! :)

We weren't sure what to get him for his birthday, though. Until I saw this on Craigslist:
Yep, it's an astronaut costume. And no, we're not using it for Halloween. It's a perfect "dress-up and play astronaut" gift - absolutely perfect! The original price was $60, but we got it for $15 because it has a small crack in the side of the helmet. My son will be so overjoyed at this perfect get-up that he isn't going to even notice the crack!

Of course, as my husband commented last night, in a few years we're going to have to quit giving gifts to go with the theme of the party because the kids are going to figure out what they're getting. But for now, we're enjoying this immensely.

Check back tomorrow when I'll show you the birthday countdown I improvised on his bedroom wall - with a space theme, of course!