Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas gift baskets

What are you giving for Christmas this year? Have you even thought about it? I've been nearly obsessed with it over the last week or so, thanks to some wonderful deals that got me to thinking about gift baskets. So let me share the standard gift basket I'm giving this year ...

  • 2 cakes in a cup (for a couple) - just 1 if it's a single person
  • 1/2 lb flavored coffee beans or 2 packets Land O Lakes hot cocoa mix if they don't drink coffee
  • homemade monogrammed notecards for the lady of the house
  • holiday-scented Glade oil candle

Depending on the recipients, I'm adding a few extras like Christmas-themed recipe cards or an apron.

I give gifts to my Sunday school students (teens), and I've been collecting items for their gift baskets for several months now. The girls are getting:

  • Glade scented candle (the smaller ones)
  • Softsoap body wash
  • monogrammed notecards

The guys are getting:

  • Adidas/Axe bodywash/spray (It varies because they were drugstore freebies.)
  • chipotle-flavored cashews

I'm also putting together small gift packages for the ladies my mom works with. There are 13 of them, and there's no way she could afford to get anything for all of them. Since I've gotten so many Glade freebies over the last two months, I volunteered to put something together for her. Here's what they're getting (so far):

  • monogrammed notecards
  • Glade Plug-In warmer

Now I need a little help. My husband visits in the nursing home, and there's one lady in particular that we like to do special things for. I brainstormed a list of things I could include in a gift basket for her:

  • scented refill for the Glade Lightshow we gave her at Mother's Day
  • word find book
  • sugar-free candy or individually-wrapped treats
  • single-serve water flavoring packets
  • inspirational CD
  • small inspirational print (like these)
  • skein of yarn (She loves to knit and crochet!)
  • several recent issues of Reminisce magazine

Now I'd like to know if you have any other ideas to add to my list. Obviously I can't put them all in, but I'm just brainstorming at this point. Thanks for your input!


Mrs Marcos said...

Love your ideas! One idea for your elderly friend - since she can still knit/crochet I will assume she has full use of her hands. They have these books out for Grandmas to write in, things like her first day of school, how much it cost to go to the movies and what did you see, all the way through grandma's life (wedding, children etc). I don't see why you couldn't make something for next to nothing by just using a blank journal and writing out the topics for her. Even if she never married/had children there are still plenty of stories she could tell, heck, she might even have some frugal tips for us!

Kristen Bieber said...

I always give notecards or blank birthday cards and stamps so my grandmother can write thankyous or birthday cards.

angie said...

Can you give details about your monogrammed notecards? that seems like such a good, general purpose gift.

Also, I need a filler for 8 men's gift baskets. They are so much harder than women. Where did you get the chipotle peanuts?

momstheword said...

These are great ideas. Thank you! I love making gift baskets but rarely do it anymore. We usually are just sticking with homemade goodies, but it would be fun to do a basket again. BTW, I am a pastor's wife as well so pleased to "meet" you!

Sophia said...


Here's a link to some of the notecards I've made already:

And I found the chipotle cashews on clearance at Walgreens for $0.99 a can. :)

And thanks, ladies, for all the ideas!