Monday, November 10, 2008

Family pictures - lots and lots of them!

While we were at the NASA Visitor Center on Friday, we also happened to be near the beach. We had purchased a yearly pass to get on the beach for free. Since we had some extra time on our hands, I asked if we could stop by and take the kids' yearly pictures (5 and 3 years). I love beach colors!

So here are my favorites. Please help me decide which ones to use! :)
#1 son picture (I think this one is my favorite.)

Check out the waves! It was so beautiful and relaxing! There aren't many people on the beach this time of year.

#2 son picture

#3 son picture
So, which one of my son would you pick?? And once you've decided that, make a note and then check out my daughter's pictures:
#1 daughter picture

#2 daughter picture
Okay, have you decided? Great! Please post a comment and let me know your thoughts. I haven't done any editing to them yet, so I'll probably add depth of field (blurring the edges) and such once I decide on a picture.

And now, just for fun, check out the pictures of my husband and I:

And now for the parting shot we saw pulling out of McDonalds on our way back:

So now you know what we were up to last week! :)


Valerie Deneen said...

Hi! Love the pictures. I'm new to your blog and thought I would say hello! :-)

jemilyea said...

Not sure on Son's photos; I vote for #2 on Daughter. You have so many beautiful areas within driving distance!

Faith said...

#1 son, #2 dau ... and where's a family picture?! lol I guess because there was nobody else on the beach.

Lynn said...

Hi, I'm a new visitor here, too. Your family is adorable! I think all three pictures of your son are great; love the background on son #1 but like his expression on #2, but #3 like the lighting :) So how's that for (in)decisive? Your daughter is so cute, I like photo #1 best. I hope you all have a great time on your vacation and that it's super relaxing and restful. Just what a vacation should be.