Saturday, November 8, 2008

A field trip/birthday trip

We had thought about stopping at this NASA Visitor's Center on my son's birthday, but it was closed that day. So we were in the area again yesterday and decided to make it a field trip and birthday trip combined.

It wasn't huge as far as "museums" go, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it! The displays they did have were quite interesting, even to my two little kids. And they had a 20-minute simulated trip to the moon that was the highlight of our trip. And you can't beat the price: admission is free!

Here are a few of the picture highlights:
My daughter had to be coaxed several times for this picture, but I knew she'd enjoy seeing it when she gets older.

My son was terribly excited about getting his picture taken! :)

Here is a piece of an actual moon rock on display. We thought that was really neat!

And you know me - I couldn't resist taking this photo of the entrance on the way in. It was just too pretty to pass up!
We "splurged" and paid $2.50 for an ice cream sandwich like they eat in space. It's freeze-dried. My kids thought it was neat, even if it was a little different. :)