Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting ready for vacation

Where have I been this week? I've been wondering the same thing! :)

Actually, I'm busy getting ready for our week's vacation.

I spent the last two nights picking out papers to go with the 100+ pages I'm taking along to scrapbook. If I get them all done, it will be a miracle, but I'm taking them all so I can work on what I get inspired to do. I really miss working on my scrapbooks. It has been months since I touched them!

Would you believe that I pulled all that scrapbook paper from my filing system and it's still jammed full? I am a certified paper hoarder!!

I will likely spend tonight making the menu and lists of groceries we need to take along. Then I'll need to pack everything tomorrow during the day.

We're renting a beach condo for a week ($170 for the whole week, thanks to a timeshare bonus week) and just hanging out to relax. We are in desperate need of some downtime, and sightseeing just isn't going to cut it for us this time.

My husband is going to take some books to read, some board games to play, but absolutely nothing to do with sermon notes. Of course, he's taking his Bible to have his devotions, but that's where we're drawing the line! ;)

The kids will be taking a few of their favorite toys along. I'm thinking we might be ready for a major toy overhaul once we get back. If they can go an entire week with just a few toys, I think I'll have the courage to pare down their collections.

If I get the time, I do have some (hopefully!) interesting posts to share with you over the next week or so. I'll share some of my Christmas gift plans with you, for starters! If I don't get the time, you'll know why, and I'll just share them when I get back.


jemilyea said...

A lovely relaxing, do-nothing vacation sounds wonderful. I hope you get a lot of rest. It seems you are planning your own person scrapbooking retreat! Can't wait to see all your new SB pages.