Thursday, November 20, 2008

Link round-up!

I hope you'll pardon my sloppy link round-up this week. I'm typing it out when I should be sleeping, but I really wanted to get it posted. So I'm just doing a quick copy and paste from my Word document.

These are some great links - go check them out!
What a great idea to keep kids organized, especially when you have more than one! If you’re not "into" sewing, you could easily adapt a premade tote bag for this purpose.
Here’s a thorough tutorial to make your own lined crates or baskets. I want to try this!
I found this link through another blogger. You can create your own custom cover for a Pringles can. If you know someone who loves Pringles, this would make a fun addition to a gift basket. Or if you love Pringles, you can reuse the empty containers and fill them with candy – or anything else that will fit inside!
A reversible journal cover – what a great idea! This would be perfect for fabric that you’ve totally fallen in love with.
Here’s a great resource for homemade kitchen gifts – complete with printable tags!
Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to make a small basket out of fabric scraps. Very cute!
Here’s a handmade fishing game most boys would love!
Here’s a project that uses "old" tins. Who doesn’t have a slew of them sitting around? I love this idea!
Here’s a cute, easy idea for giving cupcakes this fall!
This is an awesome baby gift idea!
You don’t have to have all the fancy gadgets to make these easy gifts – they just make the process a little faster.
Another cute presentation for a simple gift of beverage packets!
Want to give a gift of chocolate? How about a small container of fun-sized candy bars using this idea? Try this link to a free pillow box template if you don’t have the die cutting machine:



REJunod said...

My mom would use pringles cans to send cookies to my brothers when they were over in Iraq. She used a one tablespoon to measure out the cookie dough and the cookies were the perfect size for the pringles can. She filled it clear to the top so they wouldn't move around, and my brothers were the only ones in their groups to get whole cookies in their boxes from home!!! (she stacked them up on plastic wrap and wrapped them with that so that she could slide the whole stack into the can without dropping them in.) They fit in the pringles can tight enough that they didn't crumb up. Just another idea for anyone who sends care packages/gift packages through the mail.

Enjoy your blog and all your ideas!!