Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michaels clearance finds!

I was at Michaels last week to use my 50% off coupon and noticed that Halloween merchandise was 80% off. We don't "celebrate" Halloween and I have absolutely no use for skulls, skeletons and dismembered figures, so I doubted I'd find anything ... until I spotted the cylindrical containers on my way in the door. I'm planning to cover them with Christmasy paper and use them as gift containers. For $0.29 each, they can't be beat!
I rooted through the rest of what they had and found the harvest sign for $1.20. It will be a gift for my Secret Sister next year, if my husband doesn't decide we need it first. ;)
I found several things for Cousin Camp crafts: the wooden barn and church cutouts had Halloween illustrations on the packaging, but they look perfectly normal otherwise. The bonus: my kids are pastor's kids and my sister's kids live on a farm. Perfect!! I'll just get rid of the packaging before I hand them out to be painted. I think they were $0.39 each.
I also got the birdhouses for Cousin Camp. Previously, I found decorations for birdhouses on clearance for $0.19 a kit, so this was a perfect pairing. I paid $0.99 each, but that's pretty good considering I'm no good at assembling individual little birdhouses (and they can be pretty pricey already assembled). All of the Halloween elements are easily removed (I tried), and then it looks like a perfectly normal house.
One more clearance item: the take-out box. I got it to use as a template to make my own. For $0.20, it can't be beat!
I used my 50% off coupon to buy the little Xyron "X". I have the bigger 5" machine (Goodwill special), but this is perfect for little items that I wouldn't want to waste adhesive on.
I just love clearance season!