Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ornament boxes finished!

I did it! I broke down and bought Lauren Meader's ornament box template [the one called "For KEEP(sake)"]. I'm so glad I did, too, because it cut my time drastically. I was able to print, cut and assemble all 13 of these boxes around my other chores for the day.

The idea is basically hers. I just adapted it slightly because a rectangle window would look sloppy since I would have to hand-cut it (no X-acto knife here yet). So I cut a round "window" with my Creative Memories shape templates. Perfect!

See how the ornament lifts out of the box? I really liked this part!

I must say, too, that scoring makes a huge difference in how quickly these come together, as well as how nice they look when finished. This is the first time I've scored anything, and I'll certainly be doing it again!
Originally, I thought I'd like to buy a Scor-Pal someday. Then someone clued me in to the fact that my Precision Paper Trimmer (by Making Memories) has the dip in the middle for scoring purposes. It worked beautifully, and now I don't need another huge, pricey doodad for my craft room!
By the way, I can't recommend the trimmer enough. I originally bought it because of the self-sharpening blade that never needs replaced. I was tired of buying blades for my Creative Memories 12" trimmer after only 40 or so cuts (no kidding!). My husband had given me a gift card last year for Christmas, so I coupled that with a good coupon and paid the balance out of my personal money. It was a chunk of change, but I would buy it all over again if I had to. It's worth every penny!


Anonymous said...

Those are just lovely. You should think of starting an etsy shop.

I'm sure the recipients of these are going to be so pleased.

Thanks for sharing your creativity.

simple~needs said...

that is so beautiful!! i really like it!!